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Public Events

Charts leave listeners bemused. Prose remains unread. Dialogue is just too laborious and slow. Time after time, when faced with the task of persuading people to get enthusiastic about a major change or new ideas, storytelling is the only thing that works.

Mind numbing cascade of numbers or daze inducing PowerPoint slides can't achieve what storytelling can do. It can inspire people to take previously impossible positive actions.

Storytelling champions in dwelling the experience of the people who act, think, talk, joke, complain, dream, agonize and exult together, and collectively make up the society in comparison to conventional communicative methodologies, which focuses on lifeless elements like- formal strategies, programs, procedures, processes, systems, budgets, assets etc.

Storytelling calls for interaction, collective participation & individual sense of ownership ad thankfully storytelling is a skill that can be taught.

If you are business professional, entrepreneur or anyone who just wants to effectively put his thoughts on table, Our "The art of storytelling" is designed just for you. Participants are made explore their inner narratives & build strong stories through 2 pillars of storytelling - "telling the right story" & "getting the stories right"

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