Team Transformation

Team Transformation

Our belief that we can enable people to make
transformational shifts

in their skills, behaviors and attitudes has prompted us to narrow our focus towards specific areas
where we believe we bring the most value.

We understand that being an impactful presenter it is your greatest chance to demonstrate expertise, strategic perspective, and the interpersonal qualities necessary for leadership and success.

We know that the ability to build and deliver an impactful presentation goes beyond the basics of body language and communication. And it is on this foundation that we have designed this highly experiential workshop.

In our experience, presentation skills are about being able to storyboard, create value for the audience, construct a vivid, persuasive message - and most importantly connecting with the key audience.

We have also observed that many bright & sharp professionals struggle to make impactful presentations due to their inability to connect to the audience and rigidity on the approach of the presentation.

Additionally, many of us are challenged by striking the right balance between using logic, presenting data, leveraging examples, using humor - all of this while trying to connect with the audience to

make your point. If this wasnt enough, having to present to various audiences in itself can put a lot of stress on the presenter and their ability to present what they have prepared for!

Therefore, our workshop on Presenting with Impact is based on the 3 levers of effective presentation - Understanding, Structure & Delivery. The uniqueness of this workshop lies in its highly experiential format - leveraging individual practice, video recording, feedback and coaching - making it more like a group coaching session rather than a training workshop.

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  • Learn to get comfortable enough to let your personality and passion shine through
  • Discover the CPPC approach to plan and prepare for a presentation
  • Learn 3 unique techniques to structure your content in a concise, yet impactful manner
  • Develop key skills to deliver an impactful presentation
  • Practice skills of active presentations to keep the audience engaged

This unique and power packed workshop from TransforMe will enable participants to learn the art of influence and persuasion. The key focus of this workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools they will need to effectively influence and persuade people, in a variety of interactions.

This workshop is designed on the foundation of Aristotle's principles of motivation & persuasion, which includes the three elements of Logos (Well-reasoned Logic), Ethos (Credibility & Trust) and Pathos (Understanding & Relating).

Led with a participative and experiential methodology leveraging training videos, small group work, case studies, dilemma exercise, personal inventory and facilitated discussions - this workshop has enabled thousands of professionals with its powerful yet simple learnings that are easy to implement.

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  • Experience & Discover the 3 basic keys to influencing
  • Understand how the 3 appeals of Ethos, Pathos and Logos enable influencing
  • Learn techniques to build credibility and trust
  • Practice the WHPI technique to present a well-reasoned argument
  • Discover how to connect and adapt to the 4 styles to influence

"A Team is not a group of people who work together. A Team is a group of people who Trust each other." - Simon Sinek

The purpose of this experimental workshop is to essentially create a cohesive Team that thrives in Harmony. The workshop facilitates the growth of each individual in understanding the core essence of TRUST in the team. The unique methodology enables individuals in co-creating a safe environment to develop a sense of being and create a mutual-growth platform based on 'security' and 'trust'.

The workshop is based on the '5 Dysfunctions of a Team' by Patrick Lencioni and through the use of The Table Group assessment, helps organizations and teams become more efficient and healthier.

This Unique workshop will help the participants to:

  • Enable a sense of safety while communicating with colleagues
  • Create a constructive and harmonious team environment
  • Discover the technique of building and working in a high performing team
  • Achieve personal success through the team's success

To be successful in business today, an organization is expected to cater to the needs and expectations of its most critical Stakeholders both internal and external. Most organizations today are striving towards creating a socially responsible and ethical business model that projects a strong brand. A strong brand is always the preferred choice of its customers and also helps attract great talent by displaying their organizational track record and philosophy. The workshop helps individuals understand the organizational and stakeholder needs to further enable them to drive market-driven business objectives to achieve higher stakeholder value.

This Unique workshop will help the participants to:

  • Identify & prioritise stakeholders at an early stage.
  • Analyse risks & gather information.
  • Develop a detailed stakeholder management plan.
  • Clear, consistent communication throughout the project.
  • Build rapport & trust.

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