Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Unleash your potential

To address the leadership challenges of today and leverage the leadership gaps we need a way to help leaders deal with the changing landscape and their realities.

Unleash your potential

To address the leadership challenges of today and leverage the leadership gaps we need a way to help leaders deal with the changing landscape and their realities.

Our Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a fully customizable sustained learning intervention, spread over a period of time (6-9 months) which is designed to enable Leaders to move from Discovery -> Awareness -> Experimenting -> Unleashing.

The BLP integrates unique highly transformational methodologies, which we have gained mastery over, to enable the leaders to work through their personal barriers and role demands through a guided discovery and active experimentation approach. This means that each individual leader's development path could be unique and our process and team works with the group and with individuals to enable them to meet their learning goals.

Leaders that are enrolled for BLP intervention invest less time away from work and receive support through multiple touchpoints through a multi-dimensional framework.

This unique workshop will help the leaders to achieve success in 3 main areas:

I. Personal Excellence

  • Build Self awareness
  • Discover personal potential
  • Personal behaviours & Impacts
  • Practice Emotional sensitivity
  • Personal Discipline
  • Effective communication

II. Interpersonal Excellence

  • Communicate with Sensitivity
  • Claim my space
  • Listen to understand
  • Establish credibility
  • Drive impactful crucial conversations
  • Positive conflict reconciliation

III. Leadership Excellence

  • Leader in Mindset
  • Lead with Courage and vulnerability
  • Flexibility in Leadership
  • Reflective Leadership Dialogues
  • Art of giving feedback
  • Communicate to inspire

Storytelling is the number-one leadership skill for the next decade. Why? Because in today's world we need to constantly engage, influence and inspire people. Whether a business meeting, a coaching conversation, a sales pitch, a feedback discussion or a presentation - leveraging narrative intelligence (Storytelling) can have a huge positive impact on the outcome you desire. A study by Carnegie Mellon University concluded that the "story approach" influences 118% more that the "facts approach".

So, whether you are a manager leading a team, or a leader driving change, or a sales professional influencing customers or an HR professional engaging internal stakeholders - no matter what your role is, but if you need to engage, influence and inspire people - then this course is going to help you achieve your gaol - in an exciting and engaging manner! Not just that, it will help you build a stronger personal brand and your credibility!

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  • Discover the 8 patterns of Storytelling and make messages impactful
  • Learn the 2 pillars of Storytelling - telling the Right Story and telling the Story Right
  • Practice and learn to apply this skill in multiple forums - presentations, sales pitch, meetings, conversations, feedback and coaching
  • Present their thoughts, ideas and views in a unique manner that will engage, inspire and influence others

Through this course, participants will get to practice numerous robust exercises that have been strategically designed to accelerate the learning process. The key methodologies will be storytelling demo, story crafting, story showing, recording, feedback and facilitated discussions.

This course is beneficial for people who work in any role that requires them to frequently interact with others to engage, inspire or influence.

"2 times more likelihood of having above-median financial performance when the top team is working together toward a common vision." - McKinsey Quarterly Article 2017

If there has been one big casualty since the shift to remote-working it's been TRUST. Social distancing has caused emotional distancing and depleted interpersonal relationships. The dynamically shifting nature of teams (all remote/remote & on-site) has de-stabilised the flow of information that manifests in misunderstandings and miscommunications.

In today's interdependent, matrix and dynamic workspaces, the need for teams to work smoothly is critical. However, the realities of competition, ego, personal agendas and fast changing teams makes for some interesting challenges that teams and leaders face today in getting everyone to rally around a common goal.

Add to this, the hybrid workplace is going to be the new norm. This means that it's going to be critical for organisation leaders to work towards re-building and nurturing trusting relationships among their employees. TRUST will need to be reimagined in this new world where teams will need to deliver seamlessly whether working in the physical or digital realm. If leaders don’t proactively address synergising their teams, it is likely to lead to the risks of lower productivity, rising attrition, and low innovation in the organisation.

When it comes to organisational culture it is essential that teams are synergised together especially in times of significant change. This lab-based workshop has a proven track record of getting transformed results with leaders and teams in dozens of multinational organisations, across the globe.

The uniqueness of this workshop lies in its blended methodology of Team Assessment Report (The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team - Patrick Lencioni), T-Group, Gestalt Processes, Projective Cards, And Active Experimentation. What this does is that it acts as a powerful catalyst to team synergy, creating a safe space for people to connect deeper.

The authentic dialogues and facilitated experiments build trust, understanding and positive intent. The team successfully sets norms and holds each other accountable to higher standards. The Synergizing Strengths intervention follows a 4-step approach to enable teams to Catalyse, Converge & Conquer.

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  • Improve the engagement results of your team
  • Breakthrough relational and organisational barriers that are hurting your team.
  • Synergize the strengths of your team
  • Enhance vulnerability and empathy-based conversations
  • Get tangible results, insight, inspiration and return on your investment.

The Leadership team of a French Energy Co was not aligned for a critical expansion, so each department was taking counterproductive and contradictory actions. At the end of the course, they shared this success story:

"The session unfolded very powerfully in breaking barriers, encouraging empathy-based conversations and forging a way ahead for building deeper, stronger relationships. We are going back as a more understood, empathetic team with potential to sustain our levels of trust and collaboration."

A Leader in today's VUCA world is expected to enable teams, build a cohesive environment and strive to achieve results consistently. The workshop "Leadership Excellence" with the use of unique methodologies of simulated exercises & tools, enable Leader's to create opportunities for individuals to hone their abilities and achieve desired growth. Leaders are able to recognize individuals, identify unique skills and appreciate their contribution to the organization by building trust and camaraderie among team members.

This Unique workshop will help the participants to:

  • Relate and inspire teams
  • Drive purpose and motivation
  • Define and set clear expectations
  • Discover tools and techniques to develop team

Identify and engage teams by creating assets for the organization

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