Culture Transformation

Culture Transformation

Our belief that we can enable people to make
transformational shifts

in their skills, behaviors and attitudes has prompted us to narrow our focus towards specific areas
where we believe we bring the most value.

Need to set the vision and annual plan for your organization or department? This is the unique workshop you need!

This unique 2-day workshop is based on applied systems thinking and driven by the highly unique and participate methodologies of Visual Facilitation, Graphic Posters and Interactive Group Facilitation processes.

This workshop leverages an award-winning toolset that guide groups and individuals through processes of reflection, direction-setting and planning. Led in with the "hindsight and foresight" approach, it takes groups through a guided process from strategic analysis to creative visioning work and focused action planning.

Team will walk away with not just clarity on the Vision, Goals and Action plans; but will also be inspired and bought into the entire plan - ready to implement and achieve results!

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  1. Get aligned to the history, context and realities
  2. Co-create the future vision and goal
  3. Work together to conduct a reality check
  4. Partner on building up the strategic initiates and action plans
  5. Conclude with a high level of buy-in and ownership on the "what", "how" and "who"

Change is the new normal for leadership success!

This engaging workshop is ideal for Managers and Leaders who are going through time of change and are also required to support or, in some cases, lead the effort.

This workshop will give you the right techniques, tools and structure to overcome resistance and successfully manage change by defining and instilling new attitudes, norms, rituals and behaviours.

This Unique Workshop will help your team to:

  1. Understanding change and change management - its relevance today
  2. Discover the link between the Mindset, Skillset & Toolset to managing change
  3. Experience & Learn the 5 step process to change management
  4. Learn about the 5 Derailers and how to avoid them
  5. Learn to implement the change right - a 4 pronged approach

Organisations today face a shortage of women leaders (just 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, 2018). There is a critical mass of future women leaders at the middle management who are high potentials to take on leadership roles however the reality is that women, make tough choices and decision to try and balance home life with their professional aspirations.

Studies show gender diverse units have better financial outcomes than those dominated by one gender.Companies cannot afford to ignore 50% of the potential workforce and expect to be competitive in the global economy - Gallup, 2014.

Based on our experience in working with hundreds of women leaders, here are some of our insights of the realities of working women:

Striking the right balance - women continue to be the primary caretaker of home despite being primary breadwinners too.

Stress - 2.2 times higher for married women with children than for single, childless women, compared to 40 years ago.

'Divided attention' syndrome - depletes a lot of energy, as women don multiple hats of responsibility.

Guilt Factor -Most working women think their kids & family want more of their time which conflicts with the 'Linear work culture' embedded in work.

Perceived Glass Ceiling - Men are perceived to be better at networking, influencing upward and delegating. Women as well as men perceive women leaders as better at 'caretaker behaviors' and men as better at 'take-charge behaviors'.

This Unique workshop will help the participants to:

  1. Build greater Self Awareness - understand self-induced bias
  2. Overcomemind traps and discovering potential
  3. Understand impact of self on others
  4. Learning to practice emotional sensitivity to channelize emotions powerfully
  5. Learning techniques to have crucial conversations
  6. Discover the unconscious biases and leading to resolve

Mastering the Most Important Tool for Change

The latest in people development is the study and integration of Neuroscience in the learning industry. A critical lever for any successful professional is the Mind. The ability of an individual to bring awareness to their 'mindtraps' and deal with failure by picking on the lessons and moving fast is the single most attractive talent for the future. Find out what's in store inside the mind and use tools to self-organise and look forward to change - every time!

This Unique workshop will help the participants to:

  1. Find out their hidden mindtraps
  2. Know the 3 keys to unlock the 'fixed' mind
  3. Experience it for themselves
  4. Set themselves for Mind-flex(ibility) and continuous success with a personalized Mind wheel.

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